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We have used a number of Digital Cameras for our Wedding Photography. I decided to look over the "properties" of photos from each camera to compare the differences.

We will be comparing photos taken by:
- Film scanned to CD
- NIKON D200

Pixels: 1700 x 1110
Megapixels: 1.9 megapixels
Megabytes: 1.04 mb
Photo size: 3.70 x 5.67 inches (300dpi resolution)

2. NIKON D70
Pixels: 3008 x 2000
Megapixels: 6 megapixels
Megabytes: 3.53 mb
Photo size: 6.67 x 10.03 inches (300dpi resolution)

Pixels: 3072 x 2048
Megapixels: 6.3 megapixels
Megabytes: 2.25 mb
Photo size: 6.83 x 10.24 inches (300dpi resolution)

4. NIKON D200
Pixels: 3872 x 2592
Megapixels: 10 megapixels
Megabytes: 3.04mb
Photo size: 8.64 x 12.91 inches (300dpi resolution)

Pixels: 4256 x 2848
Megapixels: 12 megapixels
Megabytes: 5.77 mb
Photo size: 9.49 x 14.19 inches (300dpi resolution)

The Fujifilm S3 Pro has a few advantages & disadvantages when compared with the NIKON D200. It is a bit slower than the NIKON D200, which will perturb a photographer wanting a quick shot. The picture view disappears quickly, and takes a while to come back. Plus, you cannot delete the photo without a somewhat laborious process of bringing the photo back up on screen, then pressing the Delete button, and then pressing OK.

On the plus side, the Fujifilm S3 Pro is said to have a greater dynamic range than other Digital SLR's, similar to film results. In other words, white isn't washed out quite as much, when in a photo of contrasting dark & light. This is a plus when shooting a White Wedding Dress & a Black Tuxedo. The colors of the S3 Pro are also said by some to have a better quality, just as Fuji Film tends to give better blues & greens for grass & sky, whereas Kodak tends to be a bit warmer and better for skin tones.

Article by Robert Hamilton.

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